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Bell/Aecon Construction Update Fall 2017

Aecon Utilities has been in our ward performing construction for the purpose of upgrading Bell Canada infrastructure to support Fibre cable to your home.

Aecon has been installing new or repairing old infrastructure on the municipal property outside your homes. Most of the work has been completed. Some work requires follow up.

I am aware that not all sidewalks are level after some excavations. Please contact my office directly at (416) 392-1374 to report unlevel sidewalks or other disruptions to your property. I will help get it resolved.

I am working with Aecon to keep excavations, traffic disruptions, and other inconveniences to you to a minimum during their work. Aecon has a Customer Service Representative on the ground to field your calls. Please find his contact information below:


Mohammad Shahid

mshahid@aecon.com or (416) 768-2919

Customer Service Representative