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August 30, 2017 – E-Newsletter

Dear Constituent:




I hope this message finds you and your family well and that you are enjoying the beautiful last days of summer in Toronto.

Next week marks the beginning of the school year for our children. I wish all new and returning students in our local schools good luck in starting this new chapter in their education.

As a reminder: tomorrow is the last day to complete the Ward 39 Rooming House Survey! You may have noticed my team members at your door in recent weeks. We are knocking on doors in the ward to say hello and to inform residents that the City is pushing through a pilot project that would allow Rooming Houses in our community as a “temporary study.” My position is clear: I am against Rooming Houses. If you have not completed the survey, please access it through my website at the following link: http://karygiannis.net/wp/local-engagement-3. I appreciate your feedback.

I want to take this opportunity to share information on news and events happening in Scarborough-Agincourt and across the city. Particularly:


If you would like your community event to be included in our next e-newsletter please contact my office. For any questions, I can be reached by phone at 416-392-1374 or by e-mail at jim@karygiannis.net.

Please take a minute and pass this email to your neighbors, family and friends.




Jim Karygiannis


Back To School Safety Information For Parents, Caregivers and Children:


Many children are walking and biking to school. Younger children often lack the skills to negotiate traffic safely. Help them by stressing the following safety rules:

  • Walk on sidewalks where available;
  • Always cross at intersections;
  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle; and,
  • Always walk your bicycle across a roadway.

When crossing intersections without signals or crossing guards, children should:

  • Stop before stepping into the road;
  • Increase your visibility and indicate your crossing intention to motorists;
  • Look in all directions before crossing;
  • Stop, Look and Listen for traffic;
  • Cross safely when the road is clear;
  • Walk, don’t run, across the road; and,
  • Where possible, use the buddy system.

When crossing intersections with signals, children should:

  • Push the pedestrian button (where they exist);
  • Wait for the pedestrian walk sign;
  • Increase visibility and indicate your cross intention to motorists;
  • Stop, Look and Listen for traffic;
  • Watch for turning cars or trucks;
  • Cross safely when the road is clear; and,
  • Walk, don’t run across the road.

When crossing with the assistance of adult crossing guards and student safety patrollers:

  • Cross only under the direction of the guard.

Railway Crossings:

Many children in our communities must cross railway tracks daily. Ensure children are taught the only safe place to cross railway tracks is at a designated crossing.

For Drivers:

Back to school means more children walking and biking on our roads. Younger children often have limited experience with traffic and lack the skills to negotiate traffic safely. Motorists need to take special care while driving. Help our children walk safely to school by following these important safety rules:

  • Be aware of school zone signage;
  • Reduce speed in school zones;
  • Be ready to stop at all times. Children do not always noticee on-coming traffic;
  • Always try to make eye contact with children waiting to cross the road;
  • Be patient and wait for children to complete their crossing before proceeding; and,
  • Stop when directed to do so by a crossing guard


Sewer Works Update for September


The City of Toronto will be conducting a sewer rehabilitation program on several streets in our ward during the month of September. Please see the chart below for details:



Road Start Date End Date Shift Type of Work Contract # Contractor
Redheugh Cres from Ambercroft Blvd to Ambercroft Blvd 8-Aug 1-Sept Day Sewer relining and inspection 16TW-OS-20CWD Clean Water Works
Burnt Bark Dr from 4 Burnt Bark Dr to 65 Burnt Bark Dr 28-Aug 22-Sept Day Sewer inspection and cleaning 17TW-OS-07CWD Insituform
L’Amoreaux Dr from Tambrook Dr to 148 L’Amoreaux Dr 28-Aug 22-Sept Day Sewer inspection and cleaning 17TW-OS-07CWD Insituform
L’Amoreaux Dr from Bridletowne Circle to 148 L’Amoreaux Dr 28-Aug 22-Sept Day Sewer inspection and cleaning 17TW-OS-07CWD Insituform
Tambrook Dr from Brookmill Blvd to L’Amoreaux Dr 28-Aug 22-Sept Day Sewer inspection and cleaning 17TW-OS-07CWD Insituform
Havendale Rd from 27 Havendale Rd to 1 Fulbert Cres 28-Aug 22-Sept Day Sewer inspection and cleaning 17TW-OS-07CWD Insituform
Treerun Ave from 55 Treerun Ave to 22 Treerun Ave 28-Aug 22-Sept Day Sewer inspection and cleaning 17TW-OS-07CWD Insituform


The rehabilitation process will consist of several site visits by the contractor utilizing a variety of equipment for different stages in the lining procedure. The contractor will inform to homeowners and/or residents about specific dates and type of work with at least 48 hours in advance.

For more information, and for any questions, please contact the Field Ambassador by phone at (647) 821-9813 or by e-mail at fieldambassador@bv.com. The Project Manager, Bo Pajic, can also be reached by phone at (416) 392-7338 or by e-mail at bpajic@toronto.ca

What’s On at Library Branches in Ward 39


Please see the following link for information on programming at our local libraries for the months of September through to December: http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/search.jsp?N=37867+33107+33178&Ns=p_pub_date_sort&Nso=0

These programs are particularly helpful for youth and newcomers. I encourage all residents to make use of our public library resources. You can also stay up-to-date with the latest library news and upcoming programs by signing up for the What’s On at the Library enewsletter at http://tpl.ca/enews.

New Community Grants Available – Tree For Me

The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation and the City of Toronto have launched the Every Tree Counts campaign in support of the City’s target of achieving 40% tree canopy cover. In order to meet this target, new trees must be planted on both public and private land every year.

Tree For Me grants enable community groups to match Toronto residents with no-charge, native, seed zone appropriate trees for planting on private land. The Foundation supports the granting program by providing funding, communications support, native trees and delivery, staff and volunteer training, and planning support. Grant recipients do what they do best, connect with their communities to improve their neighbourhoods. Tree For Me grants can be used to deliver trees to residents through an organized event, a tree delivery program or to start or enhance a community project.

Please apply online at www.everytreecounts.ca


The deadline to apply is 60 days prior to your proposed event date. Events must take place between September and November. Groups wishing to host their event in September should contact margo.mullin@tptf.ca to discuss your application.


Parks, Forestry, and Recreation Parkland Strategy Update


A city builds a park so that people can build community. Toronto is known for our parks and natural environment, and as Toronto grows, our parks system must grow along with it.

However, there are gaps in the system; areas in the city where more must be done. And we must reinvest and re-invigorate our existing green space.

Toronto’s parks system is much more than official city parks; it includes open spaces, conservation lands, ravines, hydro corridors, schools and other privately owned, publicly accessible lands. We need to work together to ensure a liveable Toronto for today, and for future generations.

The Parkland Strategy is a 20-year plan that will guide long-term planning for new parks and expansion and improved access to existing parks.  It will aid in the decision-making and prioritization of investment in parkland across the city.

To learn more, and to join in the conversation, visit www.toronto.ca/parklandstrategy.


New Parking Violation Dispute Process


New, easy and more convenient parking violations dispute process Disputing a parking violation in Toronto is now faster, easier and more convenient with the City’s new dispute process. For parking violations issued on or after August 28, disputes will be handled by the City instead of through the court, resulting in a more efficient process and faster resolutions. You will be able to submit a dispute online, meaning the entire process can be completed without having to leave home. If you’d like an in-person review, you can book an appointment online or drop-in to a Screening Office for same-day service, depending on availability and the complexity of the case. Not satisfied with the decision? You can request a second independent review which will be final. Payments for parking violations will still be easy to make online, in-person or by mail.

For more details and to watch an informative video on the new process, visit toronto.ca/aps.


Dog Owners’ Associations – Request for Contacts

The City is looking for ways to engage and connect with its existing Dog Owners’ Associations (DOAs) and recently conducted a review of the contact information on file for its more than 70 dogs off-leash areas (DOLAs).

A DOA is a requirement outlined in the City’s Council-approved, People, Dogs and Parks – Off-Leash Policy, New DOLA requests require a DOA be formed; a minimum of two local residents, who agree to represent their local dog community and the City on an ongoing basis.

DOAs help DOLAs function smoothly, as they are Parks, Forestry and Recreation’s direct liaison to the community. The City values strongly the role that DOAs play, including the opportunity to foster strong, positive working relationships between the City and the local community.

The City has determined that the DOA for L’Amoreaux Park is no longer active. This may be due to a number of things: the contact information on file is no longer accurate, the previous members have since moved or, they no longer wish to act as liaisons. To date the City has not been successful in establishing an active DOA for this location.

We need two members who may be interested in taking on this role. The role of a DOA member might include:

  • Asking Parks staff questions on behalf of community members
  • Providing information to other users on behalf of Parks staff
  • Helping members and staff improve the DOLA experience through conversations with Parks staff, and
  • Fostering a positive, lively dog owner community.

Residents interested in becoming DOA members, should be directed to contact the Parks, Forestry, and Recreation branch directly at dola@toronto.ca.

Be Aware: Safety with Door-to-Door Sales

I want residents to please be aware of a Roof Renovation scam that has been perpetuated in East York recently. Scam artists like this may find their way to our neighbourhood to take advantage of our residents, particularly seniors and newcomers. Please stay vigilant when dealing with Door-to-Door Salespersons and report any suspicious activity to the local police division.

Roof renovation scam in East York: http://tpsnews.ca/stories/2017/08/beware-roof-scam/


Be Aware: Car Break-ins


I would like to share this message sent by a resident in our community about a local car robbery. Unfortunately, there are bad apples that see opportunity in committing a crime when they find unlocked doors. Please remind your family and neighbours to keep your doors to your home and your vehicles locked and valuables out of sight in your vehicles.


Good Morning Jim,

My neighbour at (——) car was broken into Sunday night, however, she did not lock the doors.  Luckily they only took small items from the car.

In your next newsletter, please remind community of “crime of opportunity”. If thieves have easy access to cars because they are left open, then they will keep coming to the neighbourhood and that puts all of us at risk.


Registration for City of Toronto’s fall/winter recreation programs starts next weekend

The City of Toronto offers a wide range of safe, fun and high quality recreation programs for people of all ages, skill levels and interests. Registration for fall and winter general programs, fall skating and swimming, and ski and snowboard lessons starts at 7 a.m. on Saturday, September 9 for Etobicoke York district. Other districts follow, with registration opening on Sunday, September 10 for Scarborough; Tuesday, September 12 for North York; and Wednesday, September 13 for Toronto and East York.

Over the past year, the City has worked to improve the registration experience by increasing server capacity by 25 per cent so that more people can access the system online. The City has also introduced clearer navigation and planning tools online, and has extended customer service hours and added more staff to provide in-person support where required.

The City launched a procurement process earlier this year that will eventually result in the replacement of the City’s current registration system. Until a new system is in place, the City remains committed to making improvements to the current process.

How to register
Step 1: Get account numbers
Residents need a family number and client number to sign up for recreation programs. Those looking to register are encouraged to get their numbers before registration day by calling the Customer Service Call Centre at 416-338-4386 or speaking with staff at a City community centre. On September 6, 7, 8 and 11, call centre hours have been extended from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (regular hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) to assist with account information and any other questions related to registration for the fall/winter programs.

Step 2: Choose programs
Residents are advised to have a few backup choices prepared in case their preferred program is full. A listing of programs can be found online at toronto.ca/funguide or in the printed FUN Guide available at City Hall, civic centres, community centres and libraries. A program wish list can be created as part of the online FUN Guide via the above link.

Step 3: Register
Registration starts at 7 a.m., so residents are encouraged to have all information and payment options ready. There are four ways to register:
1. Online at efun.toronto.ca – the easiest and fastest way to register
2. By touchtone phone – follow the prompts at 416-338-0000
3. By telephone with customer service assistance at 416-338-4386
4. In person at select locations listed at toronto.ca/torontofun and in the FUN Guide.

Duplicate registrations
Parks, Forestry and Recreation programs are very popular. To give the greatest access to as many people as possible, clients registered for programs that occur at the same time must choose one program and staff will withdraw them from the other program(s), giving other residents a better chance to participate.

Welcome Policy yearly credit
The Welcome Policy credit can be used to register for City recreation programs. People receiving social assistance (Ontario Works) and living in Toronto are pre-approved to receive this credit and should speak to their caseworker. More information about the yearly credit is available at toronto.ca/wp.

Free programs
Many community centres offer free recreation programs, including leisure swimming and skating, and drop-in programs for children, youth and older adults. You can visit toronto.ca/lowcostrecreation for more information about free and low-cost programming options.

Older adult discounts
Older adults (60 and up) receive a 50 per cent discount off the regular price of adult recreation programs.

City of Toronto recreation activities and attractions available during Labour Day long weekend

The City of Toronto will offer a wide variety of activities for residents and visitors over the Labour Day long weekend, with many family attractions open. On Labour Day – Monday, September 4 – City recreation centres will be closed and their recreation programs will not operate.


The following 10 outdoor pools will be open from noon to 5 p.m. on Labour Day (September 4):

Alex Duff Memorial Pool, 779 Crawford St

Donald D. Summerville Olympic Pools, 1867 Lake Shore Blvd. E.

Grandravine Outdoor Pool, 23 Grandravine Dr.

Heron Park Outdoor Pool, 292 Manse Rd.

McGregor Park Outdoor Pool, 2231 Lawrence Ave. E.

Oriole Community Centre Outdoor Pool, 2975 Don Mills Rd.

Pine Point Outdoor Pool, 15 Grierson Rd.

Riverdale Park East Outdoor Pool, 550 Broadview Ave.

Sunnyside-Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool, 1755 Lake Shore Blvd. W.

Wedgewood Park Outdoor Pool, 15 Swan Ave.

The City’s other outdoor pools will close for the season at 4 p.m. on Sunday, September 3. Wading pools will also close for the season on Sunday afternoon.


All indoor pools will be closed on Labour Day.

Nine designated swimming beaches will be open and supervised until 6 p.m. on Labour Day, weather permitting. Gibraltar Point Beach and Rouge Beach remain closed.

Splash pads will be accessible on Labour Day from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and will remain open through Sunday, September 17.

Parents are reminded to supervise children at all times when children are in and around water. More information about swimming is available at http://www.toronto.ca/swim.


Other recreation opportunities

Toronto Island Park, Toronto’s largest downtown park, is a great place to walk, cycle, picnic and view the City’s skyline. Toronto’s ferries can be busy during peak hours. To avoid lineups, ferry tickets can be purchased in advance and the schedule can be viewed at http://www.toronto.ca/ferry. More information about the park is available at http://www.toronto.ca/parks/island.

Riverdale Farm, at 201 Winchester St. in the Cabbagetown community, is home to a variety of domestic farm animals, including Tamworth pigs, baby goats and Cotswold lambs. Visitors can tour the farm at their leisure. Riverdale Farm is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and admission is free. More information is available at http://www.toronto.ca/parks/zoo or by calling 311. The High Park Zoo, which has been attracting visitors for more than a century, currently features bison, llamas, reindeer and highland cattle, as well as Toronto’s famous capybaras, Bonnie and Clyde and their babies Alex, Geddy and Neil. The zoo is open daily from 7 a.m. to dusk and admission is free. More information is available at http://www.toronto.ca/parks/zoo.

Toronto’s five municipal golf courses are situated on beautiful park lands. These affordable, high-quality and TTC-accessible courses will be open on Labour Day. Holiday rates will apply. More information is available at http://www.toronto.ca/golf.

The City maintains several bike and skate parks across Toronto. More information is available at toronto.ca/parks/bikeparks.  Flowers are in bloom at Centennial Park Conservatory at 151 Elmcrest Rd. and Allan Gardens Conservatory at 19 Horticultural Ave. Both conservatories are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and offer free admission. More information is available by calling Centennial Park Conservatory at 416-394-8543 and Allan Gardens Conservatory at 416-392-7288, and online at http://www.toronto.ca/conservatories.

Historic Sites

All of the City’s historic sites will be open on Saturday and Sunday of the long weekend and two of the City’s 10 historic sites, Fort York and Spadina Museum, will be open on Labour Day Monday. Hours and activities vary by location. More details are available at http://www.toronto.ca/museum-events.​

Fort York National Historic Site and its Visitor Centre at 250 Fort York Blvd. will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will feature tours and ongoing exhibitions. Regular admission applies.

Spadina Museum at 285 Spadina Rd. will present afternoon tours themed on the Austin family, which made Spadina its home. Regular admission applies, with the museum open from noon to 5 p.m.