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July 14, 2017 – Birchmount Avenue road resurfacing and new sidewalk

The City of Toronto is planning to resurface the road on Birchmount Road from Steeles Avenue East to McNicoll Avenue. The contractor will also install a new sidewalk on the EAST side of Birchmount Road from McNicoll Avenue to approximately north of L’Amoreaux Drive/ Silver Springs Boulevard.

Inspection of the road shows that it needs repaving and sections of damaged curb and sidewalk need to be replaced to bring them to a state of good repair. The new sidewalk will improve accessibility and pedestrian safety in the area. This work is part of the Council-approved 2017 Capital Works Program to renew aging city roads and sidewalk for current and future needs.

  • Work crews will mark limits of new sidewalks, existing sidewalks and curbs requiring replacement and the locations of underground utilities, such as gas, water and cable so that the construction work does not interfere with these utilities.
  • Affected properties will receive a Construction Notice approximately two weeks before work begins with more information about the work.
  • Work in the boulevard in front of homes and commercial properties is expected. This work includes removing and replacing driveways, municipal sidewalks and grassed boulevards, where necessary.
  • Property owners should remove items located within City property limits (boulevard), such as landscaping and or decorative objects before work starts. If you have a sprinkler system within the boulevard, please contact the Project Manager at: Victoria Liu, 416-397-0253, Victoria.Liu@toronto.ca