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June 15, 2017 – Councillor calls on the City to Wake up on Rooming Houses – 议员呼吁市府从分租屋中觉醒

TORONTO, ON – Jim Karygiannis, City Councillor for Ward 39, Scarborough-Agincourt, is calling on the City of Toronto to wake up on the present dangers of illegal Rooming Houses and asks the City to listen to and respect the concerns of Ward 39 residents opposed to Rooming Houses. The City of Toronto is soliciting feedback on the impact of a pilot study that proposes a zoning approach to Multi-Tenant Homes (Rooming Houses) and licensing requirements. This study applies to five communities in Toronto. One of these communities includes Ward 39, Scarborough-Agincourt.

“I am baffled as to why the City chose Ward 39, the ward with the highest number of complaints regarding illegal rooming houses, as a pilot study area. Rooming Houses should not be studied at all – period. Rooming Houses present a danger to the tenants living in those properties and negatively impacts the character of our neighbourhoods,” said Councillor Karygiannis.

Scarborough-Agincourt was originally designed as a single family housing area. Now, single family homes are being converted into multi-tenant units. These houses have been reported as having up to one dozen tenants in one property and are being converted with no regard or respect of building or zoning bylaws.

“My office has reported hundreds of Rooming Houses. We have been advised of houses that have wires running across hallways to multiple rooms, supplying electricity to multiple electrical outlets. Landlords have no regard for building codes requiring fire retardant materials and upgrades to electrical panels. These landlords are taking advantage of newcomers and low-income families putting these vulnerable residents at risk,” said Councillor Karygiannis.

Councillor Karygiannis invites residents of Scarborough to the public consultations run by the City of Toronto on Multi-Tenant Houses. The City is proposing to allow significant changes to Rooming Houses in its pilot study. These changes include allowing up to seven tenants per house and up to seven new sanitary units per house. These changes will have a significant impact on local waste water management systems. Rooming Houses will also impact safety in our neighbourhoods as it relates to the effectiveness of first responders such as EMS and Toronto Fire Services. This puts our most vulnerable residents, including youth and new Canadians, at risk.

“It seems that City staff is adamant about imposing Rooming Houses across the City. I thank the staff at Licensing and Standards, and other divisions, for facilitating this process but the views of my residents must be heard and respected. I invite members of the public to attend the consultation at L’Amoreaux Community Centre on Wednesday June 21, 2017 at 6:30 pm. Rooming Houses are presently illegal in Scarborough and this should not change,” concludes Councillor Karygiannis.


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詹嘉礼市议员总结道:“看来,市府员工坚持要在整个城市实施分租屋。我感谢牌照和标准以及其他部门的工作人员,促进了整个过程,但是我的居民的 意见是必须倾听和尊重的。我邀请大家来参加在2017年6月21日周三,晚上六点半于L ‘Amoreaux社区中心举行的公众磋商会。目前,在士嘉堡的分租房是非法的,这不应该改变。”


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