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June 2, 2017 – June E-Newsletter

Dear Constituents,

I hope this message finds you and your family well.

Canada Day is right around the corner. This year, July 1st will be particularly special because it is the 150th anniversary of our country’s birth. “Canada 150” is promising to be the largest national celebration of Canada on record. It will be an opportunity to join with family, friends and neighbours to celebrate our great country and ruteflect on our shared heritage. Our country’s rich diversity is something for all Canadians to celebrate.

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual Compost Day last weekend at Bridlewood Mall. I am pleased to announce three trucks of compost were distributed to constituents. May it serve your gardens well!

I had the pleasure of attending several events in Scarborough-Agincourt in the past weeks including: the Canadian Druze Society’s Annual Gala, the Pontian Memorial Monument Wreath Laying Ceremony, and a productive community meeting for the 3000-3020 Kennedy Road development project, among many other meetings including the meeting of Toronto City Council. If there is an event you wish to share, please contact my office directly using the contact information below.

I want to take this opportunity to share information on news and events happening in Scarborough-Agincourt and across the city. Particularly:

  • Registration for City of Toronto Summer and After-School Programs Begins in Early June
  • Canada150 Portable Museum at Kennedy Public School
  • D-Day Commemoration on Tuesday, June 6th
  • Fifth Annual Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival from June 6th to June 11th
  • McNicoll Bus Garage Pre-Construction Open House on Monday, June 12th
  • Trillium Garden Awards – Continues in Ward 39!
  • Safety Reminder on Castle Hill Drive and Cross Hill Road
  • Agincourt Village Community Association Newsletter
  • Scarborough District Boulevard Grass Cutting: Second Cut Notification
  • Update: Bell/Aecon Notice of Construction
  • Update: Grass Cutting in City Parks
  • New Park Improvements at Sanwood and Terry Fox Parks
  • City of Toronto Community Projects and Events Grant Program
  • Tax Relief for Low Income Seniors and Persons with a Disability
  • Women’s College Hospital Foundation Community Fundraising Event
  • Safety Reminder for Fraudulent Mail
  • News: Toronto Area Home Sales Sink After Cooling Measures
  • Survey: King Street Pilot Study
  • Weekend Events with Road Closures in Toronto

For any questions, I can be reached by phone at 416-392-1374 or by e-mail at jim@karygiannis.net.

Please take a minute and pass this email to your neighbors, family and friends.

I look forward to seeing you soon.




Jim Karygiannis



Registration for City of Toronto Summer and After-School Programs Begins in Early June

Registration for the City’s summer swim and skate programs and After-school Recreation Care (ARC) programs will commence on three separate dates.

Registration for these programs begins at 7 a.m. on:

  • Saturday, June 3 for Scarborough and Etobicoke York
  • Tuesday, June 6 for North York, Toronto and East York
  • Monday, June 12 for After-School Recreation Care (ARC) programs for the upcoming 2017-18 school year for all districts.

The City is committed to improving the registration experience:

  • Three separate registration dates will increase access to the registration system.
  • Extended customer service call centre hours on June 1, 2 and 5 from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. will help people get ready to register Call 416-338-4386.
  • Improvements have been made to the City website including easier navigation and more recreation planning tools.

Prior to registration day, residents are encouraged to get ready by following these steps:

Step 1: Get family and client numbers

Toronto residents need a family number and a client number for each family member. Call 416-338-4386 before registration day or speak with staff at a City community recreation centre to get these numbers.

Step 2: Choose programs

Visit http://www.toronto.ca/torontofun or refer to the printed Spring/Summer FUN Guide to browse and choose programs Residents are encouraged to have a few program choices for each person in case their preferred program is full.

Step 3: Register

Registration starts at 7 a.m. so be sure to have all of your program choices and payment options ready.  Registering online is the quickest and easiest way to register for programs.

Four ways to register:

  • Online at http://www.efun.toronto.ca
  • By phone. Touch Tone Registration (TTR) is available at 416-338-0000. Operator Assisted Registration is available at 416-338-4386
  • In-person at select locations. A list of these locations is available at http://www.toronto.ca/parks/registration, by calling 311 or by speaking to staff at a City community recreation centre.

After-School Recreation Care (ARC) programs

Residents can register for ARC online, by phone, or in-person. Register in-person at any civic centre during regular business hours Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (On June 12, in-person registration will begin at 7 a.m.) For more information about ARC programs, visit http://www.toronto.ca/arc.

Summer camps

Registration for our summer camps is ongoing. The City of Toronto offers camps to suit all children’s interests, needs and abilities at a reasonable cost. Registration for camps and a listing of Toronto recreation programs is available at http://toronto.ca/torontofun. Call 416-338-4386 and speak to a customer service representative to find locations with available space.

Free programs

Many community centres offer free recreation programs including leisure swimming, skating, drop-in programs and more for children, youth and older adults. More information about free and low-cost program options is available at http://toronto.ca/lowcostrecreation.

Older Adult Discount

Older adults (60 years and older) registering for adult programs receive a 50-per-cent discount in price.


Canada150 Portable Museum at Kennedy Public School on June 6th

I invite all residents to join me at Kennedy Public School (20 Elmfield Crescent) to enjoy the Canada150 Portable Museum!

Throughout 2017, City of Toronto Historic Sites will be honouring Canada’s 150th anniversary with commemorations, special events and exhibits.

It is my pleasure to notify residents that Kennedy Public School will be the host of one such exhibit. Students at the school, and the community at large, will enjoy themed programming centering on Canada’s important anniversary. I will also be presenting a special artefact chosen due its historical significance to our Scarborough-Agincourt community. I look forward to seeing you there!


D-Day Commemoration on Tuesday, June 6th

This year marks the 73rd anniversary of D-Day. I invite all residents to the annual D-Day Commemoration scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th on Nathan Phillips Square from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m.

The City of Toronto recognizes the importance of honouring the service of our D-Day veterans every year. We encourage all residents of Toronto to join our war veterans who took part in the Allied invasion of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944, in commemorating this special occasion. This is a time to celebrate and honour our veterans, to remember their sacrifice, and to teach our youth about the contributions made by veterans and the fallen heroes of this historic campaign.

The program includes a musical prelude which will begin at 12 noon followed by the official ceremony at 12:30 p.m. For further information you can visit the website.


Fifth Annual Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival from June 6th to June

Scarborough Arts lights up Scarborough with the 5th Annual Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival (SCARFF17) on June 6 to 11, 2017! Experience great films, one-of-a-kind outdoor art experiences, and thought-provoking discussions in five spectacular locations that only the region of Scarborough can offer. Free and ticketed screenings and events will take place at University of Toronto ScarboroughAlbert Campbell SquareScarborough ArtsFox Theatre, and Scarborough Bluffer’s Park.

The Festival will feature over 20 films from countries such as Canada, USA, Iran, Chile, Croatia, India, Spain, Egypt, China, Denmark, and Georgia. Out of the 11 public screenings, 5 will be offered at no cost to the public.

For more information, tickets, locations, and schedules visit www.scarborougharts.com/filmfestival.


McNicoll Bus Garage Pre-Construction Open House on Monday, June 12th

TTC will be hosting a Pre-construction Open House for the McNicoll Bus Garage. Join TTC staff to learn more about the project, construction schedule, staging plans, building design and the benefits this new facility will bring to transit in Toronto.

Details as follows:

Date:               June 12, 2017

Time:               6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Location:        Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School

3200 Kennedy Road

For additional information, visit the project site at the following link:



Trillium Garden Awards – Continues in Ward 39!

For 38 consecutive years, the Trillium Garden Awards were a tradition in the City of Scarborough/Scarborough District. During the fall of each year, Scarborough residents would be recognized for their contribution in beautifying their community through their efforts in maintaining a beautiful front garden.

The Trillium Garden Awards are not continuing in its original form due to lack of interest across Scarborough. However, in Ward 39, our community will continue the tradition!

I encourage residents to cultivate their gardens and submit photos of their gardens for nomination. Please send photos of your gardens to jim@karygiannis.net with the subject line “Ward 39 Garden Awards”. The deadline is July 14th, 2017. If you do not have the Internet, please call my office. We will be judging gardens and recognizing households this summer.


Safety Reminder on Castle Hill Drive and Cross Hill Road

This is a reminder for residents to stay safe while walking through the Castle Hill Drive – Cross Hill Road – Adirondack Gate neighbourhood near Finch Avenue.

I have noticed residents walking along this stretch of road “with” the traffic (with their backs to the traffic behind them). It is SAFER to walk “against” traffic (on the opposite side, facing the oncoming traffic).

Drivers can’t see around the bends of the road. It is important for pedestrians to stay safe while walking on roads without sidewalks. If you feel sidewalks are important for your community please let me know directly at jim@karygiannis.net or (416) 392-1374.


Agincourt Village Community Association Newsletter

On behalf of Rhoda Potter, President of the Agincourt Village Community Association (AVCA), please follow the link to find the most recent AVCA Newsletter: http://www.avcatoronto.ca/newsletters/AVCA%20June%202017%20Newsletter.pdf

The AVCA Executive meets bi-monthly to act on your community concerns. The AVCA has a growing membership. Recently, it has been successful in lobbying for the Agincourt Drive 40 km speed limit.

They can be followed on Twitter @AVCAToronto or at their online website at www.avcatoronto.ca. Please feel free to offer suggestions or improvements for our community through e-mail at avcatoronto@gmail.com


Scarborough District Boulevard Grass Cutting: Second Cut Notification

The City of Toronto is in the second phase of cutting the grass on public boulevards in our Ward. From May 23rd to June 9th the cut will start from the eastern part of Victoria Park going east in our ward past Kennedy Road.


Please see the map below for more details:

Grass 2nd Cut


Update: Bell/Aecon Notice of Construction

Aecon Utilities has been in Ward 39 performing construction for the purpose of upgrading Bell Canada infrastructure to support Fibre to your home and your neighborhood.

Our office is aware of situations where property owners have seen significant excavations on their lawns. We are monitoring these situations closely.

Aecon will be installing new or repairing old infrastructure on the municipal property out in front of your home. They will do their best to keep excavations, traffic disruptions and any other inconveniences to you to a minimum during their work. Once their work is complete affected areas will be restored to as good as or better than it was prior to the work. Please be advised that any excavations done in hard surface (sidewalks) will be restored using temporary asphalt and will later be fully restored by the City at Bell’s expense, as per City specifications.

For any inquiries regarding this work please contact the Customer Service Representative: Mohammad Shahid at mailto:mshahid@aecon.comor (416) 768 2919.


Update: Grass Cutting in City Parks

I am aware that many residents have noticed that the grass is not being fully cut in City parks in our Ward.

Due to the very wet Spring, with significant rainfall, there are numerous portions in many parks that will not be cut until they have dried significantly. The City will get to all areas when the ground conditions permit.

There have been numerous instances of equipment getting stuck in the parks. This not only impacts the City’s operations by putting crews behind schedule, due to wait times for equipment getting extricated, but creates turf damage that results in City staff now being put on to turf repair duties ensuring safety, opposed to regular cutting and cleaning of the parks.


New Park Improvements at Sanwood and Terry Fox Parks

NEW shade structures will be installed in our local parks to improve our park experience!

Terry Fox Park will have a black, rectangular all metal shade structure installed on a concrete pad north of the soccer and cricket fields. Sanwood Park will have a black, six sided shade structure (pictured below) installed on a concrete pad south of the playground:



City of Toronto Community Projects and Events Grant Program

The City of Toronto has updated its Community Projects & Events Grant Program.

At the end of March, 2017 City Council approved the new Community Investment Funding (CIF) framework. The new framework merges the previous five grant streams into three new grant programs that will better support new and emerging groups, support sector resilience, and encourage resident engagement and leadership development.  Applications for Community Projects and Events Grants is now open with $1 M in grant funding will be allocated.

Deadline and Application Form

The deadline for submitting a completed online Letter of Intent is Monday, June 19 at midnight (11:59 PM).

Click here for the online Letter of Intent (LOI) Application Form.

Community Events Grants help organizations create a neighbourhood event or activity that brings different groups of people together to –

  • Make their neighbourhood better
  • Keep people active, or
  • Help residents learn skills and build leadership.

This is open to neighbourhoods across the City. I encourage our local organizations and community leaders to apply.


Tax Relief for Low Income Seniors and Persons with a Disability

The City of Toronto offers tax assistance for a person who is unable to pay taxes because of sickness or extreme poverty.

You can make an application to the City Treasurer asking for a cancellation or reduction of your property taxes. This program is not intended to assist applicants on an ongoing basis, but is intended to be one-time or temporary relief due to financial hardship.  For more information read the information sheet and complete the application form.

The City of Toronto also offers the following assistance programs to low-income seniors and low-income persons with a disability:

You may complete one application for all three programs.


Women’s College Hospital Foundation Community Fundraising Event

I have been asked by the Women’s College Hospital Foundation to bring forward this community fundraising opportunity to our local community. I commend the work that the hospital is doing and I encourage interested residents to register their support.

The Women’s College Hospital Foundation is launching an exciting new community program giving community members the opportunity to support Women’s College Hospital by hosting their own community fundraising event. You can find more information here: http://www.womenscollegehospitalfoundation.com/Get-Involved/Events/Host-Your-Own-Event.aspx. You can also contact Todd Perry, Development Coordinator, Events, at 416-323-6323 x 5985 or todd.perry@wchospital.ca to discuss your event.

By supporting Women’s College Hospital Foundation, members of the community are helping to change lives and advance a better future for the health of women and their families in the GTA and beyond by funding vital programs and initiatives like the Women’s Mental Health Program, the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Care Centre or The Crossroads Clinic, Toronto’s first hospital-based health clinic specifically serving refugees – a majority of whom are women.


Safety Reminder for Fraudulent Mail

A local resident brought to my attention a piece of mail that is being distributed to residents with a return address that is in our Ward. There’s a letter that arrived from Winterfield Funding about Timeshares which lists the company from Springfield, MO, USA but also has a c/o address in our Ward. This is a fraudulent company.

Last year I hosted a special Community Safety Meeting where I brought together the Toronto Police, representatives of the Ontario Government and RCMP to speak to our community to address safety concerns and advise us what to look out for.

I urge residents to use common sense when opening and responding to mail that looks fraudulent. If something does not look right, please contact our local Toronto Police 42 Division at (416) 808-4200.


ews: Toronto Area Home Sales Sink After Cooling Measures

I am proud to have been one of the few politicians who advocated for a foreign home buyers’ tax. The Ontario Government introduced a Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST) as part of its Spring budget.

This recent news confirms that taxing foreign nationals at a higher rate works:


  • House sales fell 26 per cent in the Toronto region in the month following the Ontario government’s introduction of a foreign-buyer’s tax, compared to the same period last year.
  • Communities north of Toronto saw the greatest declines between April 20 and May 20, with sales falling 61 per cent in Richmond Hill, 46 per cent in Markham and 44 per cent in Newmarket. The City of Toronto recorded a 23-per-cent drop in the number of homes sold, while Brampton and Mississauga west of Toronto had sales declines of 16 per cent and 27 per cent, respectively.


Survey: King Street Pilot Study

The City of Toronto has launched the King Street Pilot Study to test how to redesign King Street to achieve three broad city-building objectives: moving people on transit more efficiently, improving placemaking and the public realm, and supporting business and economic prosperity.

I personally do not support this proposal as it is set out.

The design of King Street affects all of us who visit downtown Toronto for work or entertainment. In this survey, the City of Toronto wants to hear your feedback:

  1. Do you support the proposed pilot design for King Street?
  2. Does the design improve transit, public space, and economic prosperity?
  3. How long should the pilot be undertaken?

Before taking the survey, I encourage you to review the presentation materials given at the May 18th Public Meeting. The pdf can be downloaded here: www.toronto.ca/kingstreetpilot The deadline to complete this survey is June 10, 2017. Please follow the following link to access the survey: https://cityoftoronto.fluidsurveys.com/s/Kingstreetpilot2/


Weekend Events with Road Closures in Toronto

Several events in Toronto this weekend will involve road closures as described below. Residents and visitors are encouraged to come out and enjoy these events. Businesses in the areas affected are open to pedestrian traffic but some roads will be closed to vehicles.

Festivals and other special events are important to the city, injecting hundreds of millions of dollars annually into Toronto’s economy, and they are enjoyed each year by local residents as well as visitors.

In addition to road closures related to special events, a significant amount of road work is taking place in the city. People are encouraged to take public transit as a greener, faster and more affordable way of getting to their destinations.

Those who need to drive in the general vicinity of special events should allow extra time to get to and from their destinations. A more complete list of events and road work is available at


TTC customers can receive information about service diversions by subscribing to eAlerts at http://www.ttc.ca/ or following @TTCnotices on Twitter.


Becel Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart

The Gardiner Expressway will be closed from Carlaw Avenue to the Humber Bridge, and the Don Valley Parkway will be closed from Highway 401 to the Gardiner Expressway, from 2 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 4 to accommodate the Ride for Heart event.

Lake Shore Boulevard is an alternative route for motorists to use instead of the Gardiner Expressway. Alternative routes to use instead of the Don Valley Parkway are Leslie Street, Don Mills Road and Victoria Park Avenue.

Dundas West Fest

Dundas Street West from Lansdowne Avenue to Ossington Avenue will be closed in both directions from 8 a.m. on June 3 to 2 a.m. on June 4 for the Dundas West Fest.

Pape Village Summerfest

Pape Avenue from Mortimer Avenue to Gamble Avenue will be closed in both directions on Saturday, June 3 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the Pape Village Summerfest.

Riverside Eats & Beats Streetfest

Broadview Avenue from south of Queen Street East to the north side of the public lane will be closed in both directions on Saturday, June 3 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. for the Riverside Eats & Beats Streetfest.

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