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December 11, 2016 – Here comes the snow! 雪来了!

Here comes the snow!snowplow

It’s that time of the year again – winter!

A Canadian winter sometimes means a lot of snow. The City of Toronto is ready.

Here are a few things that you can expect as we gear up for another winter in Toronto.

Prior to the onset of a storm, Transportation Services will be applying a layer of salt brine to hills and bridges throughout the city. The application of salt brine is intended to prevent the snow from bonding to the pavement and to make it easier to plow the snow to the side of the road.

As soon as the snow begins, Transportation Services sends out its fleet of salt trucks to the expressways and main roads.

Local roads and laneways are salted soon after this. When two centimeters of snow has accumulated, plowing will begin on the expressways and, when five centimeters has accumulated, plowing will begin on the main roads. Plowing on expressways and main roads will continue until the operation is complete.

When the snow stops and if the snow accumulation reaches eight centimeters, local road plowing will begin. Plowing on the local roads is usually completed within 14-16 hours after the snow stops falling. During this time, snow service requests will not be taken by 311. Residents are also asked not to call 311 during the storm to ask when their street will be plowed. Residents should call 311 to report urgent winter related calls only.

After clearing ice and snow from the bike lanes which have been part of a pilot project over the past three years, the City has identified a priority network of bike lanes and cycle tracks in the downtown core that will receive enhanced winter maintenance this winter, including snow plowing and salting to improve safety for cyclists.

The City will only open driveway windrows, wherever it is mechanically possible to do so, after eight centimeters of snow has fallen. Typically, driveway windrows are opened between one and two hours of the road being plowed. The service is meant to only open up a width of about three metres – not the full width of the driveway.

The City will clear snow from sidewalks on roads with high pedestrian traffic and on bus routes where it is mechanically possible to do so after two centimetres of snow has fallen and the remaining roads after eight centimetres have fallen.

In the central core of the City, property owners are required to clear their sidewalks of snow 12 hours after a storm has taken place. To learn more about sidewalk snow clearing in Toronto and to view a map of the areas where the service is provided, visit http://www.toronto.ca/transportation/snow/sidewalks

If you need more information about the City’s plans for snow clearing, visit toronto.ca/transportation

Important Snow Shoveling Tips

Prior to a Storm

  • Avoid parking on city streets with a storm coming
  •  Please take public transit if possible – fewer cars helps plows do their work
  • Pick up your critical medication prior to a storm
  • Do not block the progress of a street car

During a Storm

  • Stay clear of snow plows and do not pass them
  • Assist elderly or disabled residents in clearing snow

After a Storm

  • Do not push the snow back on the road. It’s against the law, hampers snow clearing efforts and is very dangerous for motorists
  • It is your responsibility to clear snow around the fire hydrants in front of your homes
  • When clearing snow, take care not to block sightlines from driveways

Winter, and the snow that comes with it, is a part of what makes us Canadians.

By working together, we can make sure that Toronto continues to be a safe and accessible city in which to live, work and play.






整个城市的斜坡和桥梁都会撒盐水。撒是为了防止雪与路面粘结在一起,让铲雪更容易。 只要开始下雪,撒车会在高速公路和主干道上撒盐。地方道路和小巷会随后。积雪至两厘米,铲雪车将会清理高速公路当积雪至5厘米,铲雪车将会清理主要道路。清理高速公路和主要道路的雪直到操作完成

当雪停了如果积雪达到八厘米,地道路将会铲雪。本地道路通常在雪停14 – 16小时完成在这段时间里311不接受铲雪服务请求。在雪暴时也请居民不要致电311问讯何时你们的街道会清理积雪。居民拨打311只能作冬季紧急报告用。 在过去的三年里自行车道的冰雪试点项目的一部分,市府现已经确定在市中心自行车道及单车径为优先级别,在这个冬天将得到强的冬季维护包括雪和改善骑自行车人的安全。

积雪8厘米,市府开车道与街道之间的雪,铲雪车能铲的地方均清理。通常,车道上的雪堆会在道路清理干净后一至两个小时开。铲雪服务只会铲开一个约三米度,而不是完整车道的宽度。 积雪2厘米,市府将清理多步行者的人行道和公交线路的积雪,铲雪车能铲的地方会清理,剩下的道路要到积雪至8厘米才清理




在雪暴来了,请避免停车在城市街道上请尽可能乘坐公共交通汽车更容易清理积雪。 在风暴之前,拿的重要药物不阻碍有轨电车前进。 雪暴期间 远离扫雪机要越帮助老人或残疾的居民清理积雪后 不要把车道上的路上。这是违法的,会妨碍清理工作,而且对司机来说是非常危险的。 您家门前的消防龙头的积,您有责任去清理。 清理积雪时注意不要阻挡车在车道上的视线