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May 15, 2016 – Hydro One Vegetation Maintenance

This month Hydro One will be completing vegetation maintenance work along the transmission corridor in our neighbourhood, between McNicoll Avenue and Steeles Avenue.

This work is critical to ensure a safe and reliable supply of power to Toronto Hydro customers and to minimize the risk of power outages. It also allows crews safe access to perform required repairs on our equipment and keeps the corridor safe for public use.

The work in our community will primarily involve manual brush (low-growing, shrub like vegetation) removal using chainsaws and the pruning of tree branches away from power lines. Where deemed necessary to prevent regrowth, we may selectively apply a low-volume government-approved herbicide directly to cut stems.

Hydro One’s forestry crews conduct vegetation maintenance work every six years on our transmission corridors to ensure naturally growing vegetation does not interfere with our infrastructure. This year, several locations in Toronto are due for maintenance.

They will make every attempt to minimize disturbance to members of the community. Thanks in advance for your patience as we complete this important work.

For questions about Hydro One vegetation management program, please contact:

Dana Gardner, Community Relations Officer  T: 416-345-6799 E-mail: Community.Relations@HydroOne.com


亲爱的居民:    本月Hydro One将在我们社区的McNicoll Avenue and Steeles Avenue之间的输电高压线走廊进行植被维护工作。    这项工作是至关重要的,保证为多伦多客户供应可靠并安全的电力和把停电的风险降到最低。它还允许维修人员在我们的设备上进行所需的维修,并保持高压线走廊安全让公众使用。        我们社区的工作将主要涉及手工使用链锯剪除(低矮、灌木植被)并修剪树枝远离电线。我们选择某些地方来洒少量政府认可的除草剂防止植物再生并减少树干。       Hydro One的林业工作人员每六年会对我们的高压线走廊进行植被维护工作,确保自然生长植被不会干扰到我们的基础设施。今年,在多伦多有好几个地方进行维护。       他们将尽一切努力减少干扰社区的居民。先感谢您对我们完成这个重要工作的配合。       关于Hydro One植被管理项目的问题,请联系: 社区关系员Dana Gardner 电话:416-345-6799电子邮件:Community.Relations@HydroOne.com