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May 15, 2016 – Enbridge GTA Project Update

Enbridge GTA Project Update

The construction of the fifty kilometer Enbridge GTA Project has been completed. The area in Ward 39 that was affected was the utility corridor that runs parallel to Pharmacy Avenue south from Steeles Avenue East to Finch Avenue East.

While the construction of the new pipeline caused a number of problems, Enbridge worked with the community to resolve them. This spring, the final phase of the project will be completed.  Enbridge will grade and sod the disturbed corridor lands.  Enbridge will monitor the success of the restoration until the end of 2016.

I will follow up with an inspection at end of June with Enbridge. Please contact me by calling my office at 416-392-1374 or emailing me at jim@karygiannis.net should you have any concerns throughout this process.




Enbridge管道煤气公司在大多伦多地区五十公里建设的项目已经完成。39区受到影响的地区是平行Pharmacy Avenue 从Steeles Avenue East南边到Finch Avenue East。      新管道的铺设引起了许多问题,Enbridge管道煤气公司与社区合作,解决了问题。今年春天,将完成项目的最后部分。Enbridge管道煤气公司将逐渐铺草皮于受到干扰走廊地区。Enbridge管道煤气公司将监控修复的成功性,直到2016年底。      在6月底,我将与Enbridge管道煤气公司进行跟进检查。如果您在整个过程中有任何的问题。请致电我的办公室416-392-1374或通过jim@karygiannis.net发邮件给我。