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Should the speed limit on Pharmacy Avenue be lowered? – 应该降低Pharmacy大道的限速吗?

Should the speed limit on Pharmacy Avenue be lowered?

Recently, City of Toronto staff prepared a report which indicated that lower speeds on residential streets will reduce the risk of major injuries to pedestrians and cyclists in the event of a crash. The report also indicated that noise reduction is usually associated with lower speeds. Pharmacy Avenue is a major thoroughfare in our community comprised of small businesses, high rises, residential homes, a church and a school.

Pharmacy becomes Esna Park Drive just north of Steeles Avenue. The City of Markham has opened Esna Park Drive to Highway 7.  This means more drivers are using Pharmacy Avenue as an alternative route to Victoria Park or Warden Avenues.

Presently, the speed limit is 60 km/h along Pharmacy, between Finch Avenue and Steeles Avenue.  Concern has been raised with respect to traffic noise at this speed limit, especially from trucks and other large vehicles and a need to have the speed limit lowered to 50 km/h.

I am writing to ask your opinion with respect to reducing the speed limit in the Pharmacy Avenue community in Ward 39.

I would appreciate hearing your view on this matter. Please fill out the form below and register your opinion.




最近,多伦多市府员工的一份报告表明,降低住宅街道的车速将减少行人和骑自行车人士发生伤害的风险。 该报告还表明降噪通常与降低速度有关。 Pharmacy大道是我们社区中的一条主要的大道,附近有小型企业、大厦、住宅、教堂和学校。

Pharmacy大道连接Steeles Avenue北面的Esna Park Drive。万锦市已经接通了Esna Park Drive到Highway 7。这意味着更多的司机会使用Pharmacy大道从而替代Victoria Park 或 Warden Avenue。

目前,在Finch Avenue 和Steeles Avenue之间的Pharmacy大道的限速是60公里/小时。对于交通噪声,有降低限制车速的提议,特别是卡车和其他大型车辆需要降低限速到50公里/小时。

我写信给您,是想咨询您关于39 区Pharmacy大道社区降低速度限制的意见。


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