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Toronto’s Home Energy Loan Program – 多伦多家居能源贷款计划

Toronto’s Home Energy Loan Program

If you are thinking about renovating your home, you may qualify for a low-interest loan from the City for your home energy improvements. For many people, the high, up-front costs of upgrading insulation, replacing an old furnace, or installing a high efficiency water heater can be a deterrent to taking action.

Through The Home Energy Loan Program, or ‘HELP’, the City will provide funding required to complete the improvements. The homeowner repays the City, over time, by installments, on their property tax bill.  The loan can be repaid at any time, without penalty.

You may qualify if: you own a detached, semi-detached or row house in Toronto; all of the property owners on the title consent to the Program;  your property tax and utility payments to the City are in good standing; and, you obtain written consent from your mortgage lender, if applicable.

Funding for the City’s Home Energy Loan Program will end in December 2016.   To learn more about ‘HELP’ and how to apply visit www.livegreentoronto.ca or send an email to homeenergyloan@toronto.ca or call 311.




如果您正在考虑装修您的家,您可能有资格从市府获得改进家居能源的低息贷款。 许多人想改用高效的绝缘料、更换旧火炉、或安装高效率热水器但因费用昂贵从而不敢行动。

通过家居能源贷款计划,或“HELP”,市府将提供需要的资金来改进设施。房主偿还贷款给市府可在其房产物业税中分期支付,房东也可以随时偿还贷款,而不受惩罚。 合资格者包括: 您在多伦多拥有独立、半独立屋或联排房屋; 物业的所有业主都赞成参加这个计划; 您的物业税和水费并无欠款; 您从您的抵押贷款机构获得书面同意,如果适用的话。 市府的家居能源贷款计划的资金将在2016年12月结束。

了解更多关于“HELP”和如何申请请浏览www.livegreentoronto.ca 或发送电子邮件homeenergyloan@toronto.ca或拨打311。