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Let’s Clean Toronto Together! – 让我们一起清洁多伦多!

Let’s Clean Toronto Together!

It’s time for Toronto’s annual spring clean-up, known as Let’s Clean Toronto Together! Why not gather your friends, neighbours, co-workers and classmates to clean up a park, laneway or other space that needs your help. Friday, April 22nd, which is Earth Day, is the Corporate and School 20-Minute Makeover and Saturday, April 23rd and Sunday April 24th are the Community Clean-up Days.

In Ward 39, schools are having special assemblies before students and staff ‘spruce up’ their school yards. The Heathwood Ratepayers Association, L’Amoreaux Community Recreation Centre and others will clean up neighourhoods.

My staff and I will also be doing our part during this unique environmental event.   If you want to join these groups in our Ward, please email me at jim@karygiannis.net or call us at 416-392-1374 and we will give you more information.

The City urges you to register your clean-up event online at livegreentoronto.ca or by calling 311. Registration helps the City arrange for special litter and recycling pick-ups and you can find out where to get free garbage and recycling bags.




众所周知的让我们一起清洁多伦多,多伦多的一年一度春季清洁又到啦! 为何不叫上您的朋友、邻居、同事和同学一起去清理一些需要您帮忙清理的公园、巷道或其他地方。 4月22日星期五是地球日,是企业和学校用20分钟美化环境的日子,4月23日周六和4月24日周日是社区清理的日子。

在39区,学校教职员工和学生在“美化”他们的校园之前会有特别的集会。Heathwood纳税人协会、L ‘Amoreaux社区休闲中心等等将清理邻域。

我和我的员工也会在这个独特的环保活动中将尽我们的职责。 如果您想加入我们区的这些组织,请发邮件到jim@karygiannis.net或致电我们416-392-1374,我们将给您更多的信息。

市府呼吁您到livegreentoronto.ca 登记您的清理活动或拨打311登记。登记后,市府会安排特殊的垃圾及回收垃圾收集,您还可以收到免费的垃圾袋和回收袋。