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Hooka Motion

That City Council direct the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards, in consultation with the City Solicitor, to report to the January 22, 2016 meeting of the Licensing and Standards Committee on a by-law which would permit the following:


  1. a. the establishment of a new “hookah lounge” category in Chapter 545, Licensing of the Toronto Municipal Code and consider including the following regulations:


  1. i. only non-tobacco products are permitted;
  2. food or liquor not being permitted on the premises;

iii. only coffee, tea and juices are permitted on the premises; and

  1. minors (persons under the age of 19) are not permitted on the premises, with signage in a prominent location.


  1. b. an appropriate business licence fee for such an establishment.


  1. c. the establishment would be required to provide signage that states the harmful health effects of hookahs (waterpipes).