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July 28, 2015 – Rats in our Community Pharmacy & McNicoll Area

Dear Neighbour,

Further to my previous flyer with respect to having rats in the neighbourhood, I am writing to give you an update.

Rats Update 2nd flyer

We have been able to identify, as best as we possibly can, the problem and the area where the rats are coming from.

I have been in conversation with Toronto Health, MLS (Municipal Licensing & Standards) as well as representatives from Enbridge.

An exterminator has been engaged and we working to find permanent solutions for the difficulties we are facing.

If you have seen rats around your home the last 2-3 weeks please contact my office for further details at 416-392-1374, or by email at jim@karygiannis.net



亲爱的居民:    之前我派发过关于附近地区老鼠的传单,现在我写这封信给您,是为了给您更新的信息。    我们已经尽我们所能来确定 ,问题所在和老鼠来自的地方。    我一直在与多伦多健康部,MLS(市府发牌及标准部)以及来天然气管道公司的代表沟通。    现在决定使用灭鼠药,我们正努力寻找一个永久解决问题的方法。    稍后,我会让您知道解决这个问题的方法。    您可以致电我416-392-1374或电子邮件:jim@karygiannis.net