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July 11, 2015 – Imamat Day

I would like to take this opportunity to extend best wishes to members of the Ismaili community in Canada on the occasion of Imamat Day.

Today, July 11, 2013, Ismaili Muslims in Canada and throughout the world are marking the 58th anniversary of the accession of His Highness the Aga Khan as Imam of the Shi’a Ismaili Muslims.

Imamat Day is a time to give thanks to the Imam for providing spiritual guidance and working to improve the quality and security of the lives of the faithful.  It is also a time for Ismailis to re-affirm their devotion to the Imam and renew their commitment to the tenets of their faith.

In 1967, His Highness the Aga Khan founded the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) as a private, not-for-profit international development agency.  The Aga Khan Foundation seeks to provide long-term solutions to problems of poverty, hunger, illiteracy and ill health in the poorest parts of South and Central Asia; Eastern and Western Africa; and, the Middle East.  The Aga Khan Foundation works in close conjunction with The Aga Khan Development Network, a group of development agencies with mandates that include the environment; health; education; architecture; culture; microfinance; rural development; disaster reduction; the promotion of private-sector enterprise; and, the revitalisation of historic cities.  The Aga Khan Foundation and the Aga Khan Development Network agencies conduct their programmes without regard to faith, origin or gender.

As a city proud of its multiculturalism, each and every community plays a part in enhancing Toronto’s social and cultural landscape.

Imamat Day Mubarak.