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Rooming Houses

Rooming Houses have become a great concern in our neighbourhood. Scarborough-Agincourt was originally designed as a single family housing area.

However, over the years, the makeup of our neighbourhood has changed – single family homes are being converted to multiple housing units.

These houses are being converted with no regard or respect of building and zoning by-laws. Many of these houses have been converted with no respect to the building codes requiring fire retardant materials or upgrading the electrical panels to accommodate the additional electrical outlets, etc.

I have seen houses that have wires running across hallways to multiple rooms, which are supplying electricity to multiple electrical outlets. This is a fire hazard. (see pictures below click on picture to enlarge to see hanging wires)








Rooming House back entrance to basement
















Over the years, many of you have called 311 at the City of Toronto and complained about houses which you suspected or know have been converted to multi-unit houses.

According to the 311 statistics,  Scarborough-Agincourt represents close to 8% of rooming houses reports.

It is time that we tackle this problem head-on for a number of reasons:

  • These alterations are not confirming to existing building code and are putting renters’ lives in danger;
  • Landlords may not be properly declaring the income of these housing rentals;
  • The need for tenants to park their cars is creating parking problems on our streets; and,
  • Emergency vehicles are having difficulty responding to emergency calls due to the parking congestion.

I am working with different City Departments to address this issue. I would appreciate your input Click here: