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Sheppard Subway Line – Council Executive Committee Meeting Wednesday, March 25, 2015, at 9:30 am in Committee Room 1, at Toronto City Hall

Dear Neighbour,

During the municipal election, one of the issues which was relevant to everyone was traffic gridlock.

During the campaign, an overwhelming majority requested that the City build the Sheppard Subway line.

The Sheppard Subway line, started over 20 years ago, ends at Don Mills, rather than Scarborough Town Centre, as was originally planned.  Over the years, mayoralty and city council candidates have pledged to either build a subway or run an LRT across Sheppard.  A new subway has been slated to be built to replace the existing Scarborough LRT from the Kennedy Subway Station to Scarborough Town Centre.

The residents of Scarborough, who live north of the 401, deserve nothing less than the residents south of the 401.

The Sheppard Subway line must stop being a myth and become a reality.  To that end, I brought a Motion to Toronto City Council to achieve the Sheppard Subway line. (Click here to read the Motion)

This Motion was sent for further deliberations to the Executive Committee – the people of Scarborough have the opportunity to make deputations to the Executive Committee.

It is our time to fight for our Subway, please follow the instructions on how to place yourself on the deputant’s list and/or communicate in writing with the Executive Committee.

It is more effective that you take time out and come and make personal deputations for this important item.

The Executive Committee is meeting on Wednesday, March 25, 2015, at which time it will consider the issue of the Sheppard Subway line. The meeting starts at 9:30am and will be held in Committee Room 1, at Toronto City Hall.

If you want to speak to the Executive Committee on this issue, please follow this procedure:

  • Send an email to the Committee Clerk at exc@toronto.ca stating that you want to speak before the Committee. Please provide your name and contact information in your email;
  • If you have written material that you want to present during your deputation, please attach it to your email. The Committee Clerk will circulate your material to members of the committee;
  • Deputants will have an opportunity to speak for 5 minutes; and,
  • If you are unable to attend the Executive Committee, yet want members of the committee to know your views on the Sheppard Subway line, email the Committee Clerk at exc@toronto.ca– provide your name and contact information; state that you are unable to be present; attach your written comments to your email. The Committee Clerk will circulate your comments to members of the committee.

Please copy me on your email correspondence at jim@karygiannis.net so I can make sure that it is circulated to all members of the Executive Committee and I have it when I make my presentation.